The Reluctant Butterfly

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What happens to a caterpillar who is afraid to turn into a butterfly?  Little Lou discovers life is about to change—forever!  With the help of her best friend Ladybug and some advice from The Butterfly, join Little Lou as she explores the values of true friendship, embracing change, and facing fears.

The Story Behind the Story

The Reluctant Butterfly was originally written in 2010 over a long lunch hour as a gift of encouragement for a family member of the author, Debra Collett.  The story was passed around to friends and family, and several weeks later the question was formally asked:  "You're going to publish this, aren't you?"  What followed was a on-again-off-again search for an illustrator, and finally, in 2013, Carrie Pearce accepted the call to illustrate, and the decision was made to publish through WestBow Press.